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Lars Hilse Biography

Lars G. A. Hilse is a global thought leader in the fields of Digital Strategy and Cyber Security.

Since his youth, he has been enticed about computers, and their limitless possibilities in combination with the Internet. After his vocational training in the German insurance industry, and his specialisation in corporate and industrial risks thereafter, in 2007 he returned to pursue a career in what he was truly passionate about.

Today, he is a globally recognised, independent freelance consultant for digital strategy, and has successfully managed a diverse array of projects in over 30 countries around the globe from over two dozen industry verticals. His visions, and unique concepts have created over USD $1 billion increased revenue for his clients.

In the field of cyber security, he has privately funded research worth over USD $300.000. The findings resulting thereof have made him a thought leader in cyber crime, cyber terrorism, and cyber warfare/defence. Amongst many other examples, his research successfully predicted the cyber-physical terrorist attack on TV5MONDE in 2015, for which he has been invited to speak about at numerous conferences.

As a consequence, and to increase cyber-security for corporations, he joined the Hamburg based specialist insurance brokerage Alster Insurance Brokers (AIB) in 2015 to create the first globally operating cyber-insurance brokerage with a unique concept for cyber-insurance called AIB Cyber Insurance.

Upon the Snowden revelations in 2013, and Tim Berners-Lee’s call for an internet magna carta, Lars founded the Global Internet Magna Carta (GLINMACA) Project after approximately 24 months of intensive research.

Since 2007 he has written several books and published his research in the field of cyber security, especially in cyber terrorism, cyber crime, and cyber warfare/cyber defence.

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Work in Digital Strategy

Lars Hilse started consulting in business strategy in 2007. He now offers C-/Director-Level Interim Management Services, Strategic Advisory, Trainings and Workshops with a focus on profitable digital strategy both in commercial and government sectors.

In 2009 he finalised the E-Business Sales Funnel Theory, which acts as the foundation for his successful consulting assignments in over 25 countries across 20 business verticals.

His clients range from startups to global fortune 500 brands like AXA, BNP Paribas, DHL, Ferrari, Singapore Airlines, et al.

Through the help of the E-Business Sales Funnel they have capitalized well over USD $ 1 billion of increased revenue from the Internet.

His keynotes - among others at the WCF Davos - have been applauded on four continents and his publications have inspired academics in over two-dozen universities around the globe.

His groundbreaking visions about UX published in 2009 are today utilized by Facebook and other major social networks, influencing far over one billion Internet users.


Work in Cyber Security

Shortly after his first exposure to the internet, Lars started penetration (testing) of remote systems.

With the change of german and international legislature, he left the scene and only started to regain interest in cyber security from a consulting angle during the infamous 2011 Lolita City hack.

The groundbreaking research results he presented about this case proved that - against popular academic and professional opinion - the deep web and bitcoin can be used to truly anonymise web-usage, digital communication, and telephony, thereby presenting a game changer for law enforcement and intelligence services. The results of further advanced research led to conclude that not only cyber criminals could benefit significantly from the anonymising characteristics, but also that terrorists could harness aforementioned characteristics to cause significant damage through cyber(-physical) attacks, similar to that conducted on TV5MONDE in early 2015.

Based hereon, he repeatedly outlined numerous contributing factors of existing vulnerabilities in the ever increasingly technology-reliant, western infrastructure, and published these findings in numerous papers.

Lars concludes that the increasing mass-deployment of critical network-connected infrastructure needs to be governed through international legislature, and that liability needs to be sought with the software, and operating system vendors alike.

Cyber Terrorism

His insight into and projections of the future of cyber terrorism have made him an expert-advisor in the cyber aspect of counter-terrorism.

Within the realm of cyber terrorism his main research is dedicated towards the deep web, bitcoin and other anonymising and obscuring web-services.

He very frequently presents individual briefings about the state of cyber terrorism to governments (local, state, federal), intelligence services, military institutions, and law enforcement bodies around the globe.

Cyber Crime

In cyber crime, he revealed a variety of techniques used by criminals today, and proven a disturbing increase of conventional crimes, in which the anonymising characteristics of the deep web and bitcoin (kidnapping and ransom, extortion, etc.) are exploited to drastically reduce the risk of perpetrators being apprehended by law enforcement and intelligence services.

And while Lars has planned and very successfully executed dozens of workshops and trainings for law enforcement and counter-terrorism professionals worldwide, thereby leading to a higher understanding of such instruments as deep web and bitcoin, the criminal elements are still outsmarting law enforcement due to their financing and constantly increasing ingenuity towards using technology to reduce their operational risks.

Cyber Defence

The research results about cyber terrorism were partly responsible for the insights produced about cyber defence, among which are the increased deployment of critical, network connected infrastructure, and the decreasing software and operating system standards for security vulnerabilities.

These findings were groundwork for the Continuous Vulnerability Testing (CVT) Lars has developed.

“Through Continuous Vulnerability Testing, every Nation’s changing/shifting Weaknesses in Network-Connected Infrastructure, Industry and Communication are constantly monitored and dynamically prioritized to allow immediate Exploitation of Vulnerabilities in Network-Connected Elements of Infrastructure, Industry, Communication, etc. (SCADA, PLC, SIS, RTU, DCS, PPR, PAC, VFD, BC, IED, Sensors, Position-Instruments, etc.) with the goal to disrupt “normal life” by inflicting (physical) Damage through Cyber-Attacks on the Adversary in Conflict.”


Research and Achievements

Global Internet Magna Carta Project (GLINMACA)

After the 2013 Snowden revelations, Tim Berners-Lee called for an internet magna carta, a constitution for the web. After two years of research, Lars finished the first document in late 2015. Translation of the content into the 10 most spoken languages of the world, and the programming of the website continued into 2016. The GLINMACA project is online since early 2016.

UX Revolution: persistent main-menu bar published in 2009 influenced over 1 billion internet users

With websites getting more content intensive, Lars utilised HTML and CSS to code a constantly visible navigation bar, to give users constant access to main parts of his website, as well as prominently making contact information available to website visitors. In 2010 he published the results. Shortly thereafter, they were implemented by Facebook, LinkedIn, et al, influencing the user experience of pretty much every web-user.

The E-Business Sales Funnel Theory

Other than the current Zeitgeist of ripping consumers and customers out of existing and established shopping habits and patterns by forcing them to use misinterpretations of e-commerce, the E-Business Sales Funnel Theory aims to create digital counterparts of customer behaviour, mimicking conventional sales processes as close as possible to a "real-life experience"; both in user experience aspects and business engineering. The E-Business Sales Funnel therefore closely resembles conventional sales process engineering and includes every aspect, only specialised for a digital world. From marketing, over sales, to customer relationship management.

High performance SEO results since 2005

Merely as a result of curiosity, Hilse started research into SEO in 2004. Clients were two local businesses, for one of which this experiment resulted in a business increase of over 500% within a year. The other was a local startup providing financial services, and the measures conducted lead to organic rankings for relevant keywords far exceeding those of financial service powerhouses operating nationwide. In his first book, Hilse wrote a chapter called “learning marketing from the porn industry”, for the promotion of which a blog post was written with a similar title resulting in the search-term “marketing porn industry” featuring his website as the first search result on Google uninterrupted for years in a row.

Research Interests and Experience in Cybercrime, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Defense

Dark Web and Bitcoin analysis // Money Laundering (Conventional and Crypto-Currency) // Counterfeit (Currency and Official Documents) // Weapon Proliferation // Drug Trade // Human Trafficking and Trials // Financial Fraud // Child and other illegal Pornography // Conspiracy to Terrorism //

Research Interests and Experience in Online Marketing

International Online Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution in B2B, B2C and B2B2C Environments // SEO and SEM campaign creation and monitoring // Social Media Marketing and Sales Channel Integration // Website Analytics // Content Marketing // Corporate Online Reputation Management // Online Lead Generation Programs //

Research Interests and Experience in E-Commerce and Digital Sales

Creation and Planning of Global Digital Sales and E-Commerce Strategies and Solutions // Engineering of Online Sales Processes // Diversification of Operational Risks // Proactive Website Visitor Engagement // Targeted Content Delivery (geo-, demographical, gender, financial background, etc.) // Video Assisted Sales // Online Product Placement // Internationalization // UX enhancement // Planning of Mobile POS // Online and Offline Sales Unification // NFC and RFID // Website Visitor Behavioral Analysis // Proprietary Distribution Channels (International) //

Research Interests and Experience in Customer Relationship Management and Customer Retention

Contact Center Integration // CRM planning // Email Marketing Campaigns // Customer Self-Help Solutions // Customer Intelligence Gathering Procedures and Instruments // Customer Loyalty Programs //





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