What I do

My area of expertise is cybersecurity; within it a focus on cybercrime, cyberdefence, cyberterrorism, and cyber insurance… and pretty much anything in-between. 

More likely than not I will be able to help you. So contact me with your problem. 

An entire list of my capabilities would probably be overkill.

Nonetheless I have compiled a brief summary of some stuff I find particularly fun, all of which can by arranged into three cybersecurity categories: 1. Prevention, 2. Reaction, and 3. Continuity 

Cyber Security briefings for Governments and Corporations  

The cyber security threat landscape is exceptionally dynamic. As are the actors and their motives.  

New threat vectors are discovered on a daily basis; and exploited even more quickly.

Critical infrastructure is becoming more network reliant at a breathtaking speed.  

Interruption of public services have become more than a mere inconvenience, may result in civil unrests, and can ultimately lead to demoralisation of employees of an organisation or the public, and its trust in the government; without mentioning the obvious, economic consequences. 

Therefore critical infrastructure has to become the primary focus of any government official, and the effects of the exponential degree of automation must be thoughtfully scrutinised. 

Most of the briefings I’ve delivered, one of the latest to the European Parliament, resulted in numerous permanent advisory appointments in which I enable decision makers to make the right call. 

Cyber Security Risk Assessments  

For close to a decade I have created numerous risk assessments for organizations… government, public and private… on pretty much all continents. 

After briefing the European Parliament on cyber threats to critical infrastructure, I created the ACRAC project (Advanced Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Checklist). It’s open source and for anyone to contribute. Feel free to check it out, and don’t hesitate to have your thoughts included. 

ACRAC is the foundation of my work today, and has been applied globally.  

Sustainable Cybersecurity: Advanced Cybersecurity Maturity Model  

Organizational transformation to cybersecurity excellence is not achieved overnight.  

For the process to work, a thorough risk assessment is mandatory.

Upon the results of the assessment the revealed vulnerabilities are addressed, prioritised and mitigated.  

Sounds easy, right? It is in fact an excruciatingly time consuming process, which requires a lot of manpower, and guidance based on tremendous amounts of experience, and knowledge.   

If you’re interested in achieving cybersecurity excellence, let’s talk now. 

Cyber Crisis Response

Time isn’t on your side in the event of a cyber incident.

To be effective the rigid protocol has to function like clockwork. 

Specialists have to be summoned, teams assembled, operations restored, law enforcement coordinated, etc. 

All of that ASAP to collect evidence, while ensuring business continuity.

I created the first effective cyber incident response plan in 2010, the fundamentals of which serve in numerous public administrations, and even more private/public organisations worldwide. 

Finalising special projects my peers failed to 

Prestigious university degrees are no match for street smart kids! 

The field of cybersecurity is so complex, dynamic, and diverse that not even common sense inevitably leads to closure of a case.  

My unorthodox approach, and methods have repeatedly proven to close cases my competition didn’t pack the gear for.   

Since it’s the thing I have most fun doing, I’ve got a lengthy track record in this field. Some cases are published in my blog. 

Personal Cyber Hygiene Advisory and Trainings

Strengthening the weakest link: In their “ninth annual cost of cybercrime study”, Accenture concludes that “humans are still the weakest link” in cybersecurity. 

The higher the profile of a mark, the more interesting they become to cyber criminals. 

The motives can be impersonation attempts to circumvent gatekeepers/security mechanisms of an organisation, extortion research, reconnaissance for kidnapping and ransom, etc. 

As a high profile individual you want to keep your family, and assets safe. 

Imagine “Inception”, only for the digital world. 

This training will teach you, your family, and your close acquaintances best practices to avoid digital pitfalls. 


Some of the events I have been invited to share my expertise at are the International Defence Exposition and Seminar (IDEAS2018) in Karachi, the European Parliament in Brussels, Crypto Wars 2.0 at the University of Oxford, DSS IT SEC in Riga, CSS in Prague, the WCF in Davos, III Kazan International Tourism Forum in Tatarstan Russia, Communication on Top in Kyiv, EuroCACS in Copenhagen, CloudConf in Berlin, ECMOD360 in London, iStrategy in Berlin, iStrategy in London, SocialConf in Munich, DD Las Vegas, an OpenSoftware conference in Utrecht. 

For a full list including titles of my presentations please visit http://larshilse3xpyawo.onion through the TOR Browser, or https://larshilse3xpyawo.tor2web.xyz through the clear web. 

Contact me for the slides of the presentations stating the reason for your request along with your affiliation.   


I have written numerous books about Digital Strategy, and Cyber Security, which have been referenced in other work several dozen times. 

For a full list of the papers please visit https://independent.academia.edu/LarsHilse . 

My books are available on https://www.amazon.com/s?k=lars+hilse .

To review the citations and references please visit http://larshilse3xpyawo.onion through the TOR Browser, or https://larshilse3xpyawo.tor2web.xyz through the clear web.