Do encrypted cloud backups have benefits I’m missing?

Do encrypted cloud backups have benefits I’m missing?

n fact, they do! Unless you are set in a very dynamic environment, where a lot of changes to files in operational Infrastructure happens You have probably follow the trend, and have a cloud-based back up system in place.

And that is a good thing to have!

The benefits are obvious… Affordable colocation Of your organizational assets, people who really know their shit taking care of the well-being of your organizational assets, and getting a good nights sleep knowing that your stuff is in good hands.

No, these guys who really know their shit, or only people also!

And when you have your organizational assets on their servers, and they are unencrypted, and a perpetrator manages to gain access to your cloud providers infrastructure; you’re going to have a bad time!

In comparison to about a decade ago, encryption has become insanely easy!

When our perpetrator gains access to the systems in the cloud, including your back ups, and they are encrypted instead of just laying around it’s going to be the perpetrator having a bad time instead of you!

Obviously, a lot of requirements come along with that.

Not to mention the organizational hubbub that comes along with things like where to store the password, where to store the keys, and all the other good stuff to decrypt a back up in a disaster scenario or obviously unavoidable.

Data is the new gold folks!

Stop treating it like it was lead!

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