Your cloud software solution should have an offline version for business continuity purposes

Your cloud software solution should have an offline version for business continuity purposes

That an increasing amount of corporations were pressing users, and corporations to move to what is now known as the cloud.

Back then the associated services were referred to as software as a service/ S a a S. 

Even 10 years ago this was not the most clever solution to vet your company’s existence on.

Organizations then and now are confronted with the major problem: and that is Internet conductivity.

A decade ago it was a rather normal scenario that employees were working on a wire connected to the Internet on a PC in their office.

This has significantly changed; obviously!

With the increase of freely available Wi-Fi, 4G LTE networks, and other conductivity solutions, one would think that this problem of connecting to cloud services was eliminated.

Well think again.

The main problem remains that Internet conductivity, and a permanent one at best, is based purely on luck.

A lot of things can happen. The ISP can crap out, thereby rendering your cloud service useless, there could be a major power outage, which in turn would disable all communication, which again would lead to a total shutdown of your organization period

How this incident is created is a totally different story. This could be brought forth by force majeure, but also terrorist attacks, acts of cyber warfare, and a whole barrage of contributing factors can shutdown your business.

It was about a decade ago that I started warning against moving your entire corporate/organizational infrastructure into the cloud, and thereby into the hands of proprietary vendors.

As I expected, nobody listens and the dilemma that most organizations find themselves in remain the same today is they did a decade ago.

As an alternative, I always sought options that would allow for me, and my clients to have an off-line version of their entire infrastructure as available on their own servers.

In case of an Internet outage the company/organization could at least continue working, and when the Internet conductivity was restored, synchronize their off-line workload to the cloud.

Some of my clients followed suit.

Hey great defender for cloud services, and even collaboration solutions remains dropbox. 

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