Police Proof local storage/raid proof

Police Proof local storage/raid proof

If you years ago I was contacted by an internationally operating law firm.

They had very special requirements as to their data protection.

I never did ask about the emphasis they had towards their clients security.

We did get to work though, and created a solution that was highly individualized, and fulfilled pretty much all of their requirements.

In phase 1 we attempted Define solutions for each and every requirement, which – when documented – turned out to be quite massive.

Their main fear was sensitive customer data falling into the wrong hands; regardless whether this was the executive branch, or a competitor.

The main focus was on one office building, where all of their data was being stored.

We implemented a multitude of triggers, which in turn would lead to the shutout of anyone to the server room; even the IT personnel did not have access once the triggers initiated the shutdown.

Obviously I can’t go into the details about the mechanisms we implemented… But they were plentiful. 

So once the systems are triggered everybody was shut out of the server room, and the doors could not be breached by anyone in the amount of time necessary to prevent the systems from and crafting all disk drives, and shutting down all controllers.

Multiple employees were working on the servers, which controlled hard disks. This made it very difficult to have Konstantin Christian, in combination with the necessary read and write speeds for employees to experience a speedy workflow.

The shutdown could be initiated in a multitude of ways either manually or by triggering a diverse array of sensors.

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