Why your privacy matters, and how you can defend it effectively.

Why your privacy matters, and how you can defend it effectively.

Being in IT inevitably brings you to the discussion about privacy.

You won’t believe how many times I’ve heard that the person I’m having a conversation with has nothing to hide.

And to be perfectly honest this pisses me off.

The reason is That privacy it’s not up for debate simply because it’s not something you wipe away easily; it’s a human right every person on the planet has, and it’s taken the world several centuries to achieve.

The fact of the matter is that everybody has something to hide.

And that’s OK!

That being said of course there’s a trade off between security, and privacy.

No questions asked!

We are however at a stage of technical development that is so difficult to keep up with due to its dynamics and speed of development, that even professionals are having a difficult time to keep up with technology’s advancement.

Looking at the people in charge of the legislative and judicial branch gives me the creeps; because if IT professionals have a difficult time maneuvering around certain moral questions all day, how are politicians, judges, law-enforcement supposed to negotiate such difficult questions?

It’s not that I am denying them the necessary intellect to comprehend legal outcomes, but the fact of the matter is that more often than not the branches of government are being mislead by those corporate entities that are in capable of adapting to a new, digital world.

Because they have the financial power to influence decisions, and have always had this power they have become accustomed to the fact that they make the rules.

In a normal world this would be the most conventional mind set.

The digital world is different though!

The business models that these corporate giants attempt to uphold at any cost have outgrown themselves; at least however they have to become subject to change.

So the next time you have the discussion about privacy, and thoughtlessly expressed that you have nothing to hide… Think about it!

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